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 Calido Fuels

Calido Logs
Bandeath Industrial Estate

Tel: 01786 357057



Calido Logs are all about supplying quality kiln dried logs! The business was established in 2014 by myself, John Farrell, after years of wanting to supply good quality firewood.

Having qualified in forestry and worked in the wood fuel sector for others for over ten years I finally decided it was time to try doing my own thing and Calido Logs (Calido – latin for hot) was born!

Our logs are sourced from sustainably managed forests and we visit our suppliers regularly to make sure the high quality we provide is maintained. Over time it is our intention to add some more products like wood pellets however we want to keep our product range small but of good quality. Specialising in a small selection of high quality items, we are able to maintain both a highly competitive pricing structure  as well as a consistent client satisfaction rating. This is the reason customers continue to choose Calido Logs over our competitors.

For us its all about quality, we truly believe kiln dried logs are better value for money and they’re also better for your stove and chimney. We’ve tried the logs that blacken up the glass and tar up the chimney, they’re not for us and we don’t think you should have to use them either.

I manage the day to day running of the business, and behind the scenes is my partner Lauren, who is the creative brains of the operation and also manages to keep the finances under control!

Give our kiln dried logs a try and you’ll not look back!


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